Jürgen Klinsmann (59) won't be able to get rid of the Asian Championship fiasco anytime soon! South Korea's performance in the elimination against Jordan on Tuesday (February 6, 2024) was “shameful” and “humiliating.” The national coach is under a lot of pressure due to bankruptcy.

The reactions from fans and media at home were devastating following the 2-0 defeat, and the tenor was: the collapse was just the latest example of questionable tactics and team formation. Above all, the way “Grinsi Klinsi”, as he mockingly nicknamed him “Bild”, keeps a smile on his face even in defeat, has brought his critics to the fore.

The smiling Jürgen Klinsmann harshly criticized in South Korea

“As the players showed their disappointment and forced smiles, Klinsmann's face filled with laughter,” wrote Sports Hankook: “It was an extremely confusing scene, considering that he is the coach of the Korean national team. “It's not Surprisingly, the reaction of the fans at home was also devastating. The team's performance was “shameful” and “humiliating,” either a “disaster” or a “catastrophe.”

Klinsmann wanted to win the tournament with South Korea for the first time since 1960, but against the Jordanians, who were 64 places lower in the world rankings, the individually much better team around superstar Heung-Min Son (31) could not even manage a single shot on goal.

From the first Bundesliga-Star, however, received support for Klinsmann, saying that the former national coach would be “even stronger” after bankruptcy.

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However, it is doubtful that he will receive this opportunity in South Korea. The enormous loss of image of their national coach could also lead the federation leaders to seek a new beginning with a view to the 2026 World Cup. Qualification for the final round in the USA, Mexico and Canada After all, it has already begun; The last moment to make new serious decisions is probably now.

The coach “is always responsible for how a tournament goes for a team. The goal was the final. “We didn't get it,” said Klinsmann, who before the Asian Cup had been accused of spending too much time in his adopted homeland, California, as was also the case during his time as national coach.

Klinsmann categorically ruled out resigning of his own free will. “I don't plan to do anything,” he said: “I plan to analyze this tournament and talk to the Korean federation about what was good and what was not so good. There is still a lot of work ahead.” Klinsmann was “disappointed” and “angry”: “We had the great goal of reaching the final.” (sid/bc)