Usually prompts violent men to keep their distance: an electronic ankle bracelet
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More than 4,000 devices are already in use: Spain is a pioneer in the use of electronic ankle bracelets against abusive partners – and thus a model for other EU countries.

DThe man from Chiclana was not only brutal, but also stubborn. But Cometa didn't give him a chance. A few days ago, he tore off the electronic ankle bracelet twice. Cometa's system immediately sounded the alarm, alerting its former partner in the southern Spanish province of Cádiz and notifying the police. On the second occasion, the police arrested him near the home of the woman he had abused. The criminal fought back violently before he was finally sent to prison. However, such a case is an exception in Spain. Electronic location tracking means abusive men usually keep their distance. And it calms the women they were with before.

Prosecutor Teresa Peramato says: “We had no aggression and no murder of women. The system is very efficient.” She is a member of the special prosecutor's office that was established in 2005 and deals with violence against women. Spain is one of the pioneers in Europe in the fight against gender-based violence. This also applies to electronic ankle bracelets or bracelets: they help to better protect women from partners or ex-partners who have become violent and are dangerous to them.