The client probably wanted to donate a few hundred euros to the right-wing party. This is what “Bild” reports. But then the mail arrived at home. He said: “The beneficiary has an extreme right orientation. Sparkasse Mittelfranken-Süd does not accept such payments. In your own interest, please stop such payments.”

But is the bank allowed to do that? No! The Bild newspaper quotes a spokesperson for Roth's Sparkasse, who does not deny the letter, but apologizes: “Everything happened by mistake. We informed the client.”

A Sparkasse spokesperson rules out a computer failure

But it doesn't say exactly how the error occurred. However, it was not a computer failure.

“As public credit institutions, savings banks must offer all social groups and people, regardless of their political objectives, access to credit services.” This also applies to payment transactions. “Otherwise, it only applies to parties and associations whose unconstitutionality has been legally established,” says the German Association of Savings and Money Banks to the newspaper Bild. It is unknown if the case was resolved internally and if it had consequences for an employee or service provider. .

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