IIn the coming days, the weather in Germany will be significantly too warm for the beginning of April. On Sunday, the maximum values ​​will be 25 to 29 degrees in the southeast, and in the south they may even reach 31 degrees, the German Weather Service (DWD) said on Saturday. In the north, it will be a little softer, 18 to 24 degrees.

Northwest Germany has intermittently cloudy to very cloudy weather, mostly sunny weather in the southeast. A DWD meteorologist said dust from the Sahara could once again lead to cloudier conditions – especially in southern Germany. A little rain may fall in the northwest, which will spread to northern Rhineland-Palatinate, eastern Lower Saxony and western Mecklenburg in the evening.

A maximum of 24 to 29 degrees is expected on Monday in many parts of Germany. In the northwest, DWD expects a maximum of 15 to 23 degrees. The weather is mostly cloudy and sometimes rainy, but otherwise it is often clear.

On Tuesday, the weather will be cloudy to cloudy in the west, with showers and isolated thunderstorms. In the east, the weather will be sunny or clear at first, later it will become cloudy and there will be heavy showers and thunderstorms at times. Maximum values ​​range between 13 degrees in the North Sea and 27 degrees in the Salzach, Inn and Neisse.