A Star of David hangs on the wall in the prayer room of the New Synagogue in Gelsenkirchen (archive).
Image: dpa

The background to the crime is still unclear, the state security agency is investigating in all directions. Meanwhile, security measures at the synagogue have been increased.

AAn arson attack was carried out on the synagogue in Oldenburg on Friday. According to the police, unknown persons threw an incendiary device at a synagogue door in the midday hours. The fire was quickly extinguished so that no further damage was caused. Only the door was damaged. The fire department did not have to intervene.

According to their own information, the police are currently searching for the perpetrators with a large contingent. The state security agency has started the investigation. Since the background to the crime is still unclear, investigations are being carried out in all directions.

The Oldenburg police chief Andreas Sagehorn condemned the attack on the Jewish place of worship. “I condemn this attack on a Jewish place of worship in Oldenburg in the strongest possible terms,” said Sagehorn. “We will use this attack as an opportunity to immediately increase security measures at the Oldenburg synagogue until the further circumstances of the crime are clarified.”