Popular pop singer and host Stefan Mross has got a new look. The entertainer just took to Instagram to show off her brand new glasses to her fans, a change that is sure to surprise many.

Stefan Mross impresses with his “all black” look

Known for his charming charisma and lively demeanor, Mross has chosen a modern eyewear model that perfectly complements his style. His new glasses are all black and have a double bridge between the lenses. The modern model gives Mross a fresh and modern look that perfectly complements his “all black” look that he has opted for in the photo. “Always on Sundays” moderator writes: “Dear friends, today is a day off. Well, not really.” He also sends “greetings from beautiful Magdeburg” to all followers and wishes them a “good start to the new week”.

“Glasses that suit you”

In the comments, users celebrate the pop star's new style. The fan with the appropriate name “Stefan Mross Fan forever” is visibly delighted with the new glasses frame: “The glasses suit you. You more than deserve a day off” and posts a thumbs up. Another user also thinks the moderator's new style is pretty cool: “The glasses look good on you, you can wear them well.” Another even wants to know the name of the Stefan Mross glasses frame: “Hi Stefan, can you tell me your glasses frame? Preliminary letters for hidden advertising are also possible.» However, the question is still unanswered.

The hit icon seems to be spending his day off at a restaurant, but while Mross could be sitting back and relaxing, he's still doing some work on the smartphone he's holding in the picture. For him, it is clear: “office work must not be neglected” even on days off.

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