And suddenly it was over: Stefano Zarrella (33) and Mariia Maksina (26) had to give up in the fifth edition of “Let's Dance” on Friday (5.04.2024). They performed a column on the show and received 19 points from the judges – which meant they shared the penultimate spot with fitness influencer Sophia Thiel, 29, and Alexandru Ionel, 29.

The ending of “Let's Dance” is “incredibly emotional” for Stefano Zarrella.

So Stefano Zarrella and Mariia Maksina trembled. After the phone vote, it finally became clear: it wasn't enough for the two of them and they had to leave the show. On Saturday, Stefano Zarrella took to Instagram to reflect on his time on “Let's Dance” with an emotional statement. The food content creator published three photos on the platform. In the first one, she can be seen beaming with joy in front of a wall with the RTL dance show logo on it with her dance partner.

The other two pictures have a completely different mood: they were probably taken after the dancing couple left in number 5. You can see Mariia Maksina comforting Stefano Zarrella in the studio, who is obviously quite shaken. The internet star writes: “I don't even know where to start or what exactly to say. I'm very sad and can't understand that my Let's Dance journey is over.” And further: “There's so much going on in my head right now and it's incredibly emotional for me. I couldn't close my eyes the whole evening… I just had so much fun, and especially in the last two shows I was able to put aside more and more tension and enjoy the dance more and more. You know how much I love dancing.”

Stefano Zarrella expresses his respect for professional dancers

Stefano Zarrella then addresses a few warm words to the team of the RTL dance show, i.e. the moderator duo, the jury and the backstage participants; and to the other participants, for whom he keeps his fingers crossed for the further journey with “Let's Dance”. He is convinced: “You rock!” However, his “biggest thanks” belong to his family and friends, fans and dance partner. Stefano Zarrella raves: “Mariia was the best dance partner I could ever ask for, I learned so much, you motivated me and showed me how much fun dancing can be.” But he also showed her how much work and passion it takes to reach people. Giovanni Zarrella's influence and brother emphasizes: “I have the greatest respect for your professionals!”

Stefano Zarrella is equally enthusiastic about his following: his fans have been incredibly supportive and he has the best community you could wish for. “Thank you for your daily support, messages, links, participation in any form – THANK YOU! I really appreciate it all. I love you!”

Stefano Zarrella is grateful for his loyal fans

Shortly after, Stefano Zarrella spoke up again, commenting under his post – apparently in response to followers' reactions to his statement: “Comments already, people, you won't believe how much power you give me 'You can, it's incredible.'

Despite encouraging messages from the fanbase, the end of the show still seems to be a problem for him. He reports: “I've been sitting here on the kitchen counter since last night and I can't close my eyes. Last night was so emotional for me that I really realized how much fun and energy this whole thing gave me. I really enjoyed dancing for you… I just don't have the words… Wow, that was really hard yesterday…”

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