Succession star Brian Cox has weighed in on the monumental decision to kill off his patriarch character Logan Roy in the third episode of the final season this year.

It was “ultimately too soon,” Cox will tell tonight’s Interviews with Amol Rajanwith the star saying that it would have been more appropriate for his iconic character to die in the fifth or sixth episode of hboit’s crushing. The interview will be broadcast tonight on BBC Two.

“In the end it was okay with me, but I felt a bit rejected,” Cox will say. “You know, it kind of felt like all the work I’ve done and I’m finally going to, you know, end up like an ear on the carpet of an airplane.”

Cox is giving one of his first big interviews since his character’s death, which shocked Succession fans from all over the world. Written by the series creator Jesse ArmstrongThe Shakespearean episode has been roundly praised for its wow factor and its intense laser focus on the reactions of Logan’s children.

Cox will use tonight’s interview to pat himself on the back for managing to keep the details of his character’s death under wraps for so long. He will recall filming funeral scenes over a year and a half ago and being told that he was no longer required to film additional fake scenes of Logan at the funeral, which they planned to film so that the paparazzi would not suspect that Logan was the deceased. Acknowledging that the paparazzi may be suspicious if they didn’t see him on set, Cox says he “continued to [his] of his own free will” so that Logan would be seen alive, at what ended up being his own funeral.

In what would be a super dramatic twist, Cox will also give Rajan the idea that Logan might still be alive. “If you think about it, from Logan’s point of view, he has to figure out how his children are going to behave when he dies, what will happen then? And the only way to do that is to fake his death and, in fact, at some distant point he is watching the chaos that follows.”

Cox, however, describes this theory as a “guess” rather than predicting a triumphant return for Logan in this weekend’s final episode.

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