IIn the rape trial of Christian B., a witness reported videos in which he claimed to recognize the defendant. “I was surprised to see Christian there,” the 53-year-old said outside Braunschweig District Court on Wednesday. According to him, two videotapes that he allegedly stole from the defendant's house showed the rapes of an elderly woman and a young girl.

When B. went to prison for stealing diesel in 2006, he stole from her. He claims he took a car, diesel and video cameras with films. In addition to a lot of party and tourist stuff, he saw scenes with an older woman and a girl. According to the description, a 70-80-year-old woman was lying tied up on a bed and screaming at a masked man. He whipped him. The witness claims to have recognized the man who took off the condom and heard the toilet flush.

“Hi Christian, you know what it is. This is rape.”

Shortly before the end of the film, the man sat on the bed and took off his mask. “You could recognize him, he was looking at the camera,” the witness said, looking at the defendant. He then pressed a pillow on the victim's head in the video and the film stopped.

In another video, the girl linked to the post said to B: “Hi Christian, you know what it is. It's rape.” The witness later claimed to have sold the cameras, but could no longer say where the videos were.

In the trial, 47-year-old Christian B. is accused of three counts of rape and two counts of child sexual abuse in Portugal. The German has been under investigation for years in the case of little Maddie, who disappeared from a Portuguese holiday resort in 2007 and is suspected of murder. A then three-year-old British girl was kidnapped from an apartment in the Algarve state. German investigators believe Madeleine McCann is dead, although no body has yet been found.

Maddie's case is not the subject of this proceeding and the presumption of innocence applies. B. is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence for raping an American woman in Portugal.

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