myshe said casually Torsten Lieberknecht Recently he said he “didn’t have time left.” This does not apply to his commitment as coach of “Lilien” as such: nothing suggests that he performed his job at the bottom of the Bundesliga under the pressure of ultimatums.

Rather, the Palatinate player pointed out that in the game there were no longer any possibilities to acclimatise newcomers or to slowly introduce convalescents into playing times. Winter acquisitions Julian Justvan, Gerrit Holtmann and Sebastian Polter, who arrived at the Böllenfalltor without any training, were in action in the SVD shirt just a few hours after their signing.

Snail race in the drop zone

A player like Kai Nürnberger, who recovered after six weeks, was quickly brought back and immediately re-injured. How important is it for southern Hesse? Marvin Mehlem His presence on the pitch was evident in the first half of the season until he was eliminated due to a broken fibula.

After his return via a brief appearance against Leverkusen (0-2) last week, the strong attacking free spirit will probably play again this Saturday (15:30). FAZ live ticker for the Bundesliga and on Sky) have more chances against Borussia Mönchengladbach. In the hectic first leg, when the “Lilien” lost a 3-0 lead (3:3), Mehlem scored the first goal.

After 13 consecutive games without winning, the Darmstadt team has run out of time to add the necessary points in the fight to remain in the league. The snail race between the teams in the relegation zone means that the “Lilien” have the possibility of not being left behind with only eleven points after 20 rounds.

“1. FC Köln had their moment with last weekend's victory. I think there will still come times when things can change,” Lieberknecht said. “That's not fake optimism, that's just my feeling.”

Before the Rhineland guest appearance, there were probably more personnel options. In addition to the recovered Mehlem and Nürnberger, the injuries suffered by Matej Maglica and Holtmann against Bayer turned out to be minor. Justvan has also returned after recovering from an infection.