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Units lost in factory fire

More than 90 firefighters and 20 fire engines are working to contain a factory fire in Sydney’s inner city.

Fire and Rescue NSW said the multi-unit storage complex in Beaconsfield, near Alexandria, has been on fire since 2:00am.

Five people had been evacuated and no injuries were reported.

Authorities said several units had been lost at the complex and it could take some time to contain the fire.

Motorists have been warned to avoid the area.

More buses for the Hills district

A NSW bus with the front door open.
The NSW government had cutbacks to bus services following the introduction of the North West railway line.(Supplied: Transport NSW)

The state government has bowed to commuter pressure in north-west Sydney, adding bus services to local tube stations.

Transport for NSW has announced that it will add 700 weekly bus services to Cherrybrook station, 130 to Kellyville station and 100 to Tallawong.

It follows cutbacks made to some bus services when Metro Northwest opened in May.

Many commuters have also had trouble finding parking near metro stations, leading to a 51 percent increase in patronage of local bus services.

The changes take effect on November 17, but M2 services that were cut this year will not be restored.

Police were unable to obtain Milat’s confession

Grainy photo of Ivan Milat in a flannel shirt and blue pullover with a handlebar mustache
Ivan Milat was convicted in 1996 and never showed remorse for his crimes.(AP: file photo)

It has been revealed that NSW Police detectives attempted up to eight times to get serial killer Ivan Milat to make a deathbed confession to unsolved homicides.

Police said they tried different “investigative techniques” including playing recorded interviews from the victims’ families for Milat before he died on Sunday.

In one video, he is seen telling the detective that they could put a torch to his head, but it still wouldn’t help them.

Tibor Neugebauer, whose younger brother was one of three Germans killed by Milat, told ABC he never doubted Milat’s guilt.

“For us personally, I think it doesn’t mean anything whether he confesses or not, because we’re sure he was. We didn’t need these confessions,” he said.

prison officer accused

A Correctional Services officer has been charged in an alleged intimate relationship with a probationer in the Hunter region of the state.

The 30-year-old woman was arrested at the Maitland Police Station on Monday and charged with sexual misconduct.

Police alleged that the woman, who is a community corrections officer, was involved in a romantic relationship with a 29-year-old man on parole.

She has been suspended by Corrective Services NSW and was released on bail to appear in court on December 11.

Revealed the design of the airport

An artist's impression of the Western Sydney Airport arrivals lounge
Western Sydney Airport is set up to reduce the stress of foot traffic through Sydney Airport.(supplied )

The Federal Government has made public the design of the new western sydney airport terminalbut residents are still unaware of the facility’s planned layout of flight paths.

The $5.3 billion project has been under construction for more than a year, with major earthworks set to begin in 2020.

The government has published the winning design for the terminal, which shows an elegant central building, surrounded by dozens of boarding gates and two runways.

But Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill said residents really wanted to know what the flight paths would look like, something that is not expected to be made public until 2021.

“Frankly, what people want to know is where the planes will fly, not what the terminal will be like,” he said.

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