The accusations of plagiarism against Alexandra Föderl-Schmid's doctoral thesis are not true. The way “South Germany” approaches this is not convincing.

Alexandra Föderl-Schmid

Alexandra Föderl-Schmid in the editorial office of “SZ”

A week ago, the University of Salzburg announced that accusations of plagiarism against the deputy's doctoral thesis south germans-Editor-in-chief Alexandra Föderl-Schmid has nothing to do with it. But why does he stop? size to verify the equally stupid accusations about Föderl-Schmid's alleged copies during his tenure as size-Correspondent in Israel? They come from the same mud pit.

“The review of Alexandra Föderl-Schmid's journalistic texts for the South German newspaper The expert commission created in February under the leadership of Steffen Klusmann is still ongoing,” the newspaper wrote. size last Saturday in our own name. And he obediently repeated the accusation. These are allegations that she “mishandled sources when writing the articles and therefore violated journalistic standards.”

The Austrian communication department makes these accusations… – no, somehow everyone here refuses to write to scientists. But Stephan Weber does not limit himself to reproaching Föderl-Schmid for the worst of his time as a correspondent. He continues to fight against the Salzburg acquittal. “New report: 157 places of plagiarism in the doctoral thesis of the deputy director of the size found”, of course by © Team Weber, as it says under a suggestive graphic from the fan portal Nius. Weber prepared the first anti-Föderl “report” for Nius and his denatured alcohol rector, Julian Reichelt. The day the university exam results were announced, the fire was reignited. After everything that happened, vile, bad, just disgusting!

By the way, Weber also commented on the taz report. He wrote an email in response to my February 12 post. In a very scientific way, the topic says “Everything is wrong with your article!”; otherwise, there is nothing there. No text, justification or specific accusation. Except “with kind regards, DOZ. DR. STEFAN WEBER, plagiarism check | Title Verification | Resume selection | Expert Opinion Review,” with the title and name written in especially large, bold letters.

Nothing else to do?

And this DOZ. DR. get a trusted store like this size jumps on his staff. This projection of Grace's resume from Reichelt/Nuis, the top-level group that surrounds ex-Mirror-Boss Steffen Klusmann continues checking. “Are they all experts who have nothing else to do?” asks the roommate.

Our friends at have figured out how to deal with Nius & Co. context shown. contextNext week, editor-in-chief Anna Hunger attended a round table with Julian Reichelt at the Meditage Mitteldeutschland in Leipzig with the trivializing title “More than a niche? Journalism from outside.” But now Anna has canceled because she “doesn't want to contribute in any way to making Nius seem like a medium worth discussing.” That's how it is.