“The fast ones know it.” The fashion chain H&M has been advertising itself with this slogan in recent weeks: socks. They were white socks with red stripes and “Bosses” printed on them. The message from the textile giant: Fans of musician Taylor Swift, that is, the “Swifties”, would understand that these are not just any socks, but very special socks that, the Swedish company hopes, they should buy. Did the plan work? H&M does not want to reveal that.

Anyone who hasn't completely isolated themselves from the outside world in recent weeks and months has probably figured out why pop music fans who worship a singer with almost religious reverence should buy socks from a football team. Because almost no other relationship on this planet has caused so much stir and so many headlines in recent times. as the singer's link to Travis Kelcea player who Kansas City Chiefs. At least in the world of sports, this has caused a real change in reality, which has even led to the Japanese embassy in the United States. More on that later.