Taylor Swift has an incredibly busy schedule, how? Bild.de reported. Swift is currently in Tokyo for four concerts of her “Eras Tour,” which runs from Wednesday to Saturday. But after her last concert in the Japanese capital, she plans to travel to Las Vegas. Her friend Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, will play there Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. for Super Bowl LVIII (Start in Germany: Monday, 00:30 am).

Taylor Swift “definitely” wants to go to Super Bowl LVIII with Kelce despite the stress of the trip

The Las Vegas trip hasn't been confirmed yet, but as we're hearing in Chiefs circles, Taylor Swift “definitely” wants to be at the Super Bowl game. If there are no further problems with her tour in Tokyo, the singer wants to start on Saturday at 10:00 p.m. Japanese time and, due to the time difference, she would land in Las Vegas around 8:30 p.m. local time on the same day. . Flight time from Tokyo to Las Vegas is approximately 13 hours.

According to Bild.de, the biggest challenge currently is that parking spaces for private planes in the city are fully booked at all Las Vegas airports. Therefore, Swift has to improvise to make it to the Super Bowl on Sunday despite the stress factor.

Singer has to cancel the Chiefs party because of the “Eras Tour.”

But even after the Super Bowl, the famous singer's travel craze won't end. If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, the victory parade would be in Kansas City on Wednesday. However, Swift will not be able to attend because she already has other commitments on her agenda. She has to fly to Australia to continue her tour, which begins in Melbourne on Friday, February 16. As a result, she would miss the Chiefs' Super Bowl party.

So your itinerary looks like this: from Tokyo to Las Vegas and from there to Melbourne. It covers about 8,900 kilometers for the flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas and about 13,200 kilometers from Las Vegas to Melbourne. This results in an impressive flight distance of 22,100 kilometers. With a direct flight from Tokyo to Melbourne it would have traveled a total of “only” 8,200 kilometers.

After his “Eras Tour” concerts in Melbourne, he plays more in Sydney and Singapore. Travis Kelce is expected to support the singer at the latest at her concerts in Singapore. The athlete had already traveled to Buenos Aires to attend one of her concerts during a football break in November.