in the most recent ted lasso episode, it is revealed that AFC Richmond has won 15 games in a row. Make that 16, once you add jamie tarttThe demolition of Man City. It’s a feat that should have been impossible for the UK. football team, but college football coach Ted Lasso has made a career here doing the impossible. On the drawing board for this episode are plays with titles like “upside down taxi,” “the cockroach,” and “Loki’s slide.” Either he is learning soccer and soccer is much weirder than he thought, or he is a miracle worker. But the passage of him on television as the most educated man in the world will come to an end next Wednesday, May 31, leading fans to wonder how Jason Sudeikis and co. will conclude his popular comedy-drama.

As Ted’s mother mentions in the penultimate installment, her son has helped everyone here, but who will help Ted? The man pretty much left his child to take this job, and he has stayed no matter what obstacles got in his way. Is Ted destined to be head coach forever? Is a mediocre team like AFC Richmond with plays like “upside down taxi” and days of rom-com group movies really about to win the championship? To find out, we turned to fans on Reddit who love ted lasso more than anything to collect your best guesses.

Ted and Rebecca become one thing.

Most of the second season was consumed by a romance between Rebecca and Sam that came out of nowhere. ted lasso has kept the audience guessing about Rebecca’s romantic future ever since they broke up, even hinting during rom-com night with the crew that Sam is still thinking about her. But more than a reunion, fans say Ted and Rebecca are together. “Ted and Rebecca are going to stop by,” according to a Reddit user u/onekrazykat. “Sorry people not liking this. But the more I rewatch it, the more I think it’s game over for the series.” A new look? That is dedication.

Nate back in Richmond?

Nate stopped coaching Manchester a bit earlier than expected in the third season, leaving Ted and the team without a full antagonist (outside of Rupert). Still, it seems like Nate’s return to possibly even head coach at AFC Richmond would be the perfect ending. “Ted will decide to return to the United States”, u/brilliant1982 theorized “With the head coaching vacancy open and Nate on the market, Nate will end the show by holding his first practice with AFC Richmond.”

Sounds good, but some fans believe otherwise. “I don’t think Nate trains in Richmond,” Reddit commenter you/jadethebard wrote. The team has offered him a concert, but will he appear in the final? “I think he’s going to find a completely different line of work, maybe music, maybe something new. And I think he’s going to tell Ted his story before the end.” Whatever ends Nate’s future, at least we all want the former team player to find some peace.

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Roy and Keeley get back together

When Roy broke up with Keeley at the beginning of the third season, it felt very abrupt. Obviously, the show thought that fans needed more of a more popular couple on the show, but that really wasn’t the case, especially during a three-season arc. “He walked away instead of choosing to stick it out and just enjoy the course of her relationship for as long as it lasted and I think at some point we will see him confront her with this,” the Reddit user said. u/QuiJon70 expected. “I just hope she responds well and they get back together. They really are the healthiest couple on the show, I’d like to see them work.” Me too, u/QuiJon70. Me too.

Ted finally chooses Ted

After making everyone else’s life better by showing up with a smile and some cookies every day, is it finally time for Ted to find happiness? And, you know, what about the son you just gave up? Well, football fans may have found a solution. “Apple now has the rights to show every MLS game for ten years around the world and we know they’re not shy about cross-promoting.” u/LightningVole theorized “Ted loves his son and misses being a more active father. Henry lives in Kansas City which is the home of Sporting KC, one of the original MLS teams. I guess the season ends when Ted goes back to work in Kansas City with Sporting KC”.

These guys don’t need Ted anymore. They will have Nate, Roy and maybe even Jamie. We couldn’t have gotten a bigger clue here than when “Home” from the magician plays this episode after the cliffhanger that Ted has a “truth bomb” to drop on Rebecca. It’s time for Ted Lasso to help Ted Lasso.

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