That the chip industry relies on ASML lithography machines most people know it. Also that the semiconductor manufacturer Nvidia of the US playing a central role in artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer surprising.

“Enabling technologies” will shape future industries

UBS has now presented a study in which it mentions a total of 29 companies that offer this type of “enabling technologies”, that is, processes that have a decisive influence on entire industrial sectors. In addition to AI, areas from which important “enablers” come include cybersecurity, health technology (healthtech), green technology (ecology), and financial technology (financial industry).

Analysts expect spending on “enabling technologies” in the data processing sector alone to rise from $324 billion in 2022 to $1 trillion in 2027, which would correspond to an average annual growth rate of 26 percent. . “We expect industry leaders in 2030 to come from these sectors,” UBS said.

The drivers of development in all areas are technical progress (according to UBS, many technologies are still in their early stages), the changing behavior of consumers (who, according to the Swiss, demand more and more interaction when it comes to buying or booking travel) and the need to increase business productivity (especially as both workers and resources become scarcer).

Ten possible future values

Here you will find a geographically diverse selection of UBS favorites. Nokia may be a surprise. However, the company still has promising patents from its time as a leader in mobile telephony and is strong in networking.

  • liquid air (France, industrial gases)
  • Baidu (China, search engine)
  • Engie (France, Energy)
  • Intercontinental Exchange (USA, exchange operator)
  • MasterCard (United States, credit cards)
  • McKesson (United States, healthcare)
  • nokia (Finland, mobile/network)
  • SAP (Germany, software)
  • Stryker (United States, medical technology)
  • Great chemistry (Germany, special chemicals)

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