BVB loses at home against Hoffenheim for the first time in 2024. The team is on a downward trend. How quickly things can happen in football can be seen in a report from “Ruhr Nachrichten”: According to it, coach Edin Terzic is in danger of being eliminated in Dortmund.

The FAZ describes the development of the game as a “relapse into chaos.” Dortmund ended up losing 2-3 at home against Hoffenheim.

For WAZ, Borussia Dortmund is entering a crisis with this match and this result. This defeat is a “big setback.”

BVB coach Terzic has to worry about his job

The Ruhr Nachrichten newspaper even reports that discontent is growing in Dortmund. Coach Edin Terzic is therefore no longer firmly in command. Above all, those in charge are not convinced of the team's performance. BVB's engine sputters, especially in attack.

The accusation is that the team too often depends on individual actions. BVB officials recently defended Terzic. But one thing is also clear: the 41-year-old's contract only lasts until 2025. Dortmund officials will inevitably have to face the question of whether and how things will continue with Terzic in the summer.

“The Dortmund crowd was foaming, some were already whistling”

Let's go back to the defeat against Hoffenheim: Although the lead at half-time was “deserved” for BVB, Dortmund's game “went completely off the rails”, writes the “Süddeutsche”. “At half-time there was still a fairly conciliatory atmosphere in the stadium due to Dortmund's 2-1 lead,” but after falling behind again “it was boiling, the Dortmund crowd was foaming, some were already whistling.”

The fact that Dortmund then ran “blindly” did not help turn the game around. Because they were “sometimes not involved at all,” they ultimately lost this “roller coaster game.”

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By Hagen Schmelzer


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