In conversation: Dino Toppmöller (left) and Jean-Mattéo Bahoya
Image: dpa

Very few victories, very few goals, very little spectacle: Eintracht Frankfurt is approaching the end of the Bundesliga season. Can coach Dino Toppmöller still turn things around?

myines should Eintracht Frankfurt From the club's perspective, this will not happen in the last part of the season: the winner of the 2022 Europa League will be left without participating in international competition in the 2024/2025 season. A new round without Eintracht matches in Europe would not only be bad for the economic development of the internationally oriented club, but it would also not be good for the development of the young team.

Not to mention that reputation would be affected. and the 31 year old By Mario Götze2014 world champion, could consider ending his impressive career in the United States.


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