Carol Alt started out as a model and actress in the 1980s. The American is now 63 years old, but that doesn't stop her from creating an OnlyFans account. Now Alt explains why he made that decision.

Former model legend Carol Alt proves that life over 60 doesn't have to be a barrier to new adventures. The American, known for magazines such as “Sports Illustrated” and “Vogue”, started as a model in the 1980s.

At the age of 62, the model took a new step late last year by joining OnlyFans, a platform often associated with the adult industry. However, there is a very personal reason why Carol Alt is now publishing content on the platform.

Carol Alt on OnlyFans: “Age Doesn't Define Me”

The modeling legend told PageSix magazine that after many years, she finally got control over her images. “For forty-four years I didn't own a single photograph of myself,” the magazine quoted him as saying. “When people say, 'Do you have a photo I can use?'” Then I had to ask someone.

This is one of the main reasons why he moved to OnlyFans. Purpose: In the future, Carol Alt would like to be able to decide for herself which recordings are published and which are not. He even hired a photographer for his OnlyFans account. “I can choose the photo or not, say I want it or not, it's mine,” the model continued.

At the same time, the 63-year-old woman also sees herself as a role model for women of her own age, but emphasizes that beauty knows no age: “I want people to know what I look like today… Age is not determined by me. Women are beautiful at any age. I want people to feel empowered. “It's all good,” says the modeling legend.

When asked what kind of content Carol Alt offers on the platform, the model remained vague, but emphasized that she does not want to offer purely pornographic content.

Rather, his concern is to motivate his fans and at the same time share one or two “sexy” active photos. But financial gain is not the main incentive for the 63-year-old. A portion of their proceeds go to a charity that supports women's mental health.

Carol Alt, also known as “The Face,” has had an illustrious career. Already in the early 1980s, she graced the covers of renowned fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. The model has also posed for Sports Illustrated and Playboy. Posing in front of the camera will continue to be a part of Carol Alt's life through OnlyFans.

Author: Jana Steger (JS)