Analysis by Constantin Eckner: Bayern's debacle shows the rupture between Tuchel and his team

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Bayern Munich reached a new low this season with their loss to newly promoted 1. FC Heidenheim. Max Eberl would like to stay with coach Thomas Tuchel in the coming weeks, but he will probably no longer be able to join the team.

Tuesday says Bayern Munich In the first leg against Arsenal in the Champions League they will face a great challenge: the last possible title can be won in the premier category. But now it seems that the duel with the Premier League team is no longer about beating Arsenal, but about not losing. Bayern have won their three previous meetings against the north London club 5-1. But that was an Arsenal with a mediocre playing field and marked by a failed transfer policy.

Bayern shows once again that they cannot play for the title

The roles were reversed. Bavaria seems marked by failure, by doubts and by a certain disorientation. Coach Thomas Tuchel, whose exit is already certain at the end of the season, may seem a bit grumpy by nature, but it has been a long time since we saw the intelligent Swabian in the condition in which he currently finds himself.

Saturday afternoon's defeat in Heidenheim in front of 15,000 spectators in the cozy Voith Arena was a setback that Bayern can hardly stomach in its current state. If it were a one-time mistake against a strong counterattacking team with excellent transition players like Tim Kleindienst, Jan-Niklas Beste and Eren Dinkçi, I could put it aside. All the big teams stumble this season with a small team, except apparently Bayer Leverkusen.

Lack of structure, no processes: Tuchel and his team are strange

But in the 2-3 defeat in eastern Württemberg, Bayern were once again so vulnerable defensively that they cannot play for the title. Looking ahead, Bayern can continue to be convincing here and there, even if the amount of possession they have turns into scoring opportunities, especially when creative players find each other with their intuition and understanding of the game. But they do it only selectively or not methodically. Harry Kane, the €100 million striker, scores his goals, but overall there is little or no automation in Bayern's attack.

About the Author

Dr. Constantin Eckner is a sports commentator, presenter and author. He started as a tactical analyst on the portal He currently works for international broadcasters such as ESPN and BBC, as well as in Germany for SPORT1 and DAZN. In addition to football, Eckner deals with, among others, American football, motor sports and ice hockey and sports policy issues.

But even if Bayern leads with two goals, like in Heidenheim, they cannot manage a match like a few years ago and score the decisive third or fourth goal at some point. On the other hand, the defense of the record champion or the remaining defense allows itself to be surprised by long balls, crosses from the wings or alternating attacks. The coordination between Dayot Upamecano and Kim Min-jae was again poor. The last centre-back pairing with Matthijs de Ligt and Eric Dier cooperates a little better, but still does not defend everything with confidence.

Tuchel looks like a frustrated geography teacher waiting for the summer holidays

But the most pressing problem is the lack of tactical structures and processes that have not been internalized, both with the ball in the transition to the front third of the field and in the movement backwards. Especially in midfield, defense relies more on suspicion and instinct, but this may not be enough against well-positioned counter-attacking teams like Heidenheim or top-tier ball-confident teams like Arsenal.

Bayern sporting director Max Eberl gave Tuchel a job guarantee for the match against Arsenal and at the same time announced a major squad restructuring for the summer. “Thomas put everything in the meeting room during the week. “If something like that comes out of the players, it's not what Thomas deserves,” said Eberl after the game in Heidenheim.

When it was announced a while ago that Tuchel would leave the club at the end of the season, the impression was that he could now make his decisions without considering the possible discontent of some stars. But since the announcement, Tuchel and the team appear to have drifted further apart. Tuchel now looks like a dissatisfied geography teacher just waiting for the summer holidays to finally start. But first there is an excursion. to London in – there is a risk of embarrassment.