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“New Girl’s” adorable brother Max Greenfield, aka Schmidt, has released another adorable children’s book for little ones. His first foray into children’s publishing began with “I don’t want to read this book” and the second was the very popular gift book “This book is not a gift.” And now the self-aware series trilogy has been released: “I don’t want to read this book out loud.”

“Reading is not easy for everyone. People learn in different ways. Reading aloud is TERRIFYING. “These three books define my entire early education.” Greenfield wrote on his Instagram account. “Working on them has been a dream.”

There’s no shortage of great modern literature for early readers written by beloved stars everyone wishes were in their own family, like Lil NasX and Jonathan Van Ness. Next, check out Klugman’s new book and more unique children’s books by notable names, including Lupita Nyong’o, Amanda Gorman and more.

‘I don’t want to read this book out loud’

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Perfect for children ages 4 to 8, this picture book is an irreverent tome for young readers who may not like reading aloud or even reading at all. According to the summary, the book is “dedicated to introverts of all ages, about the horrors of reading aloud.” Greenfield collaborated again with bestselling illustrator Mike Lowery, who is a standout, and the two create adorable little characters and stunning typography. Pre-orders are now available and it will officially launch on September 19.

‘I don’t want to read this book out loud’ $17.09 Buy now

‘The Secret Society of Aunts and Uncles’

Russ and Daughters Enthusiast Jake Gyllenhaal has also entered the world of children’s literature. Surprised that he couldn’t find any books about his new job as an uncle, he was inspired to write a new children’s novel titled “The Secret Society of Aunts and Uncles.” Co-written by Greta Caruso and illustrated by Dan Santat, this book is your guide to the ins and outs of “untology” and “uncleology” for kids.

‘The Secret Society of Aunts and Uncles’ $16.00 Buy now

‘You are you’

Actor and director Brian Klugman, best known for his role in “Bones” and his 2012 film “The Words,” released his first book in support of mental health awareness. After becoming a father last year, Klugman partnered with the organization MindUP for Life to write a powerful children’s book. “You are you,” whose poetic verses serve as an instruction manual for children around the world on how to love themselves. Klugman will donate 100% of the book’s profits to the MindUP program, a training program for parents, youth, and educators to help overcome mental barriers to thriving in school and beyond.

In “You Are You,” Klugman uses rhythmic verses to help spread the message to children around the world about the importance of loving yourself. “As a new father and having struggled with my own challenges as a child, I wanted to write something that would resonate with all children, regardless of their background,” Klugman said in a statement. “It was also very important for me to find the right organization that I could donate my profits to so we could reach more children and together bring this self-love guide to the forefront.”

It’s You by Brian Klugman $18.00

‘Remember to dream, Ebere’

The main character, Ebere, dreams big in Erivo’s first picture book, dreaming of a career as a rocket captain after her mother insists that no dream is too out of reach. This heartwarming story is a message of hope and possibility, and serves as an entertaining way to generate optimistic motivation in any child.

Remember to dream, Ebere $18.99 $9.92

‘The bank’

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s headline-making new picture book takes readers inside the special relationship between father and son, seen through the eyes of a mother. The story is special because it offers a realistic view of the evolution of the relationship that children can have with their parents in the modern era.

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‘Peanut goes for gold’

Jonathan Van Ness is the embodiment of the fun, gay uncle that every kid wants to have growing up. The “Queer Eye” star brings his trademark humor and positivity to the pages of his first children’s book, which follows the adventures of a gender-nonbinary guinea pig named Peanut.

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‘Marcus makes a movie’

Creative kids will appreciate superstar comedian Kevin Hart’s novel about a boy who realizes he has a chance to turn the superhero cartoons he’s been drawing for years into a real-life movie. Not only is it filled with Hart’s signature humor, but it also touches on important themes familiar to Hart: hustle, never giving up, and realizing his creative goals.

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‘The Tale of the Mandarin Duck: A Modern Fable’

Inspired by the real-life Mandarin duck that sparked glamor and fashion in the Central Park pond, a brilliant waterfowl is the main character in superstar Bette Midler’s modern fable. Illustrated by Joana Avillez, with portraits of New York City by Michiko Kakutani, this story celebrates the joy of small things like a rainbow-colored duck.

The tale of the mandarin duck: a modern fable $13.46

‘The world needs more purple people’

Beloved actress Kristen Bell introduces the world to Purple People in her first illustrated book, which aims to transcend the political divide by highlighting all the things that unite people in this world, despite their differences. So what is a purple person? According to Bell, an everyday superhero who unites her community, stands up for what is right and works for what they believe in.

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‘C is for country’

Learn the alphabet with crossover music sensation Lil Nas And yes, there are plenty of country-meets-fashion moments where “B” is for boots, and cowboy looks include a variety of stitching and colors ranging from pink, yellow, red, blue and brown.

C is for country $12.99

‘The Fables of Natalie Portman’

The Oscar winner retells three classic fables: “The Three Little Pigs,” “The Tortoise and the Hare” and “The Country Mouse and the City Mouse.” Come for the stories that rhyme; stay to see artist Janna Mattia’s stunning illustrations.

Natalie Portman Fables $12.02

‘Shady Baby’

BUY NOW: $18.99 $12.63

‘I promise’

An inspiring story started by LeBron James’ charitable foundation, the “I promise” program that promotes and motivates children to achieve beginnings and “strive for greatness.” This rhyming narrative, with art by Nina Mata, encourages children to dream big and make their goals achievable if they work hard.

I promise $12.98

‘My sweet child’

A cover of the Guns N’ Roses song “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” this picture book reimagines the power ballad as a story about two girls, Maya and Natalia Rose, who grew up touring with the band. This book is literally lyrics combined with sweet paintings by artist Jennifer Zivoin, and could be described as evoking a smile that, I find, reminds me of childhood memories.

My sweet child $9.49


Written by Lupita Nyong’o and illustrated by Vashti Harrison, the story follows a Kenyan girl, Sulwe, who wishes to be more like her family members. “Sulwe” is a beautiful story about self-esteem and inspires children to see their own individual beauty. The Academy Award-winning actress’ debut children’s book will soon be adapted into an animated musical for Netflix.

Sulwe $9.94

‘Change sings: a children’s anthem’

Amanda Gorman’s words sparked hope at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and now the poet wants to inspire the next generation with her illustrated book of “lyrical prose.” The story follows a young woman who embarks on a musical journey and discovers that she (and her friends) have the power to make a difference. Illustrated by Loren Long and available for pre-order for release in September.

Change sings: a children’s anthem $13.99