Destroyed and collapsed buildings in Hualien, Taiwan
Image: AP

Authorities in Taiwan reported three more deaths after the strong earthquake. Civil defense managed to rescue 28 people from around the epicenter, and six more people are still missing.

DThree days after the Taiwan earthquake, the confirmed death toll has risen to 13. Authorities raised the official death toll on Saturday after they said three bodies had been found on a hiking trail. Another six people were still missing.

In addition, state disaster control air rescuers rescued several people from areas cut off by the earthquake in Taroko National Park in Hualien County, where the earthquake was epicentered. An AFP worker oversaw the rescue of a total of 28 people.

Meanwhile, Hualien County was hit by another 5.2-magnitude aftershock on Saturday. More than 300 aftershocks were recorded in the area 100 kilometers south of the capital Taipei in the days following the quake.

In Wednesday's 7.4-magnitude earthquake, according to official information, more than 1,100 people were injured and numerous buildings were damaged.

It was the worst earthquake in Taiwan in the last quarter of a century.