EA doctor who may be a mentally unstable man is said to have killed a doctor at a psychiatric clinic in Upper Bavaria. Police arrested the 40-year-old suspect after the crime on Monday night, covered in blood, the Upper Bavaria South Police Headquarters said on Tuesday. The suspected murder weapon, a kitchen knife, was taken.

It is currently being clarified whether the alleged perpetrator and the 64-year-old victim knew each other. The doctor worked at a clinic in Wasserburg am Inn – what exactly and in which ward was initially unclear.

The State Prosecutor's Office and the criminal police are now investigating the 40-year-old man's murder. In order to determine whether the suspect might be mentally disabled, he first came to a special forensic clinic in the Munich district for an examination. Initially, it was not known whether the man was a patient of the clinic of psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychosomatic medicine, geriatrics and neurology.

The clinic initially did not want to comment on what happened on its premises on Tuesday morning. A press release could come later in the day, a spokesperson said.

A witness notified police about the victim shortly after 6 p.m. Monday night. The officers were actually on the clinic grounds for another operation. First responders treated the injured man, but he died soon after.

The suspect was detained without resistance on the premises of the hospital near the crime scene. According to the information, the relatives and colleagues of the deceased were taken care of by unavoidable spiritual care and crisis intervention.

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