Two years ago, Nate Robinson publicly announced that he had been battling kidney failure for four years. His diagnosis has led to a desperate search for a kidney donor. Without a transplant, he knows time is running out. Robinson's honesty about his health issues has made him a voice for others facing similar challenges.

Robinson's daily routine revolves around a dialysis machine. He dedicates an enormous amount of time to the life-saving device. Dialysis cleans his blood, removes toxins, and helps him stay alive. Despite the side effects, including painful vomiting that occasionally forces him to the hospital, Robinson is grateful for the treatment that keeps him alive.

Former NBA star Nate Robinson on dialysis: “I can't miss a day”

Robinson: “I know I don't have much time to live. So I just want to make the best of it as I can.”

Robinson goes on to say, “Some people's bodies reject dialysis. And I thank God because my body accepts it and I can live. If I didn't go on dialysis, I probably wouldn't live more than a week or two. So it's serious, I can't miss a day. I go four hours, three days a week, four hours a day. They cleanse my blood to remove toxins. And they help me a lot because that's how I live.”

Robinson's perseverance is a ray of hope

The former NBA star tries to feel as normal as possible. She stresses the importance of staying in touch with loved ones, playing basketball, and enjoying life's moments. Robinson's commitment to a positive outlook on life is inspiring.

The former NBA star avoids processed foods, eats healthier and enjoys every day feeling good. Her perseverance is a ray of hope for others struggling with health issues.

Nate Robinson not only left his mark on the NBA court. He is known for his epic performances in the Slam Dunk contest, winning the title three times.