This news shocked the fitness world last July: sports influencer and bodybuilder Jo Lindner (†30) died suddenly of an aneurysm. The deceased leaves a great void and his parents mourn their son. So they created an Instagram account for their late son to share memories. Now came a slightly unusual announcement: her father wants to launch a perfume that should smell like Jo.

“In Honor of Jo”: Father brings out the perfume with his scent

In addition to the photo series of the fitness model, her father wrote an announcement on the memorial site “joesthetics.forever”: a biography of Jo's life will be released this year. There is another project: “Jo's father has launched another heartfelt project to honor his son and keep him lovingly remembered: he is releasing a fragrance line in Jo's honor.” The reason: Jo always smelled “extraordinarily good” and had a passion for different scents and enjoyed trying out the world of perfume. Even as a child, he liked to use his father's perfume and wore “the best smell in school”.

Fans are not enthusiastic about the product

His father further explains: “Did you know that the sense of smell is closely related to our emotions? Every time we go through his stuff, we can smell him and feel his closeness. And we want to share that experience with you, so that you too can feel connected!” So ​​he worked with a “small perfumer” to create a scent that would resemble Jos.

Although Jo's father insists that he is not selling the perfume for personal gain, the reactions of Instagram users are rather negative: “What you are doing is not right,” says one user, while another writes: “I feel like her family or someone wants to make money off his death… I hope I'm wrong about that.” “It can't be right to use your death for money,” the comments also say.