Last year, revenue fell by about a quarter to $890.6 million, as iRobot announced after the US stock market closed on Monday. The drop was particularly sharp in the US domestic market, at 30 percent.

The bottom line is that iRobot ended the year with a loss of $304.7 million. Already in 2022, red figures of a good 286 million dollars were recorded. Also for the current year

To better compete with its rivals, some of which are cheaper, iRobot wanted to be bought by Amazon. But the agreement reached in August 2022 collapsed in January due to resistance from European competition watchdogs. The EU Commission saw the risk that Amazon could hinder iRobot's competitors on its trading platform. After the acquisition failed, iRobot announced it would cut 350 jobs, 31 percent of the workforce. Former boss Colin Angle has retired.

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