DThe “last generation” wants to run for the European Parliament. As the activists announced on Wednesday, some of them had founded an association that could submit an election proposal if certain requirements were met in the next few weeks.

These include the fact that within a week a hundred activists were found to help with the project and 50,000 euros were added to the donation account. The aim was to bring the resistance into parliament, it was said. They want to “shake up” the EU Parliament and not miss any opportunity to bring about the required changes.

The initiators of the campaign explained to their supporters in the movement's online forum what importance the project had in the overall strategy. It was a “building block,” it said. “We want to make the elephant in the room visible where people would otherwise just talk around it.” To the argument that the activists had always said that the party system was failing in the face of the challenge of climate protection, they countered that they had “no personal interest in it Power”, but wanted to shake things up where it was urgently needed.

The activists said that if they found enough helpers and money for the election campaign, they would start collecting 4,500 signatures from next week. According to EU electoral law, 4,000 valid signatures are required for a party or political association that is not yet represented in the EU Parliament, the Bundestag or a state parliament to submit an electoral list for all EU countries. The list would have to be submitted by March 18th in order to be eligible for election in early June. A decision on admission will be made at the end of March.

The “Last Generation” has calculated that it would need around 200,000 votes to win a seat in parliament. The activists write that getting there is also useful. They want to show that they are more than just “climate glue”.