in front of the forward Borussia Dortmund He put on his boots at West Ham United with an annual salary of 3.98 million euros and then moved to Ajax Amsterdam, where he earned 2 million euros a year.

Not exactly little: Sébastien Haller's salary

Since joining Borussia Dortmund in July 2022, Haller has signed a major contract which, according to “football transfers“An annual salary of 5.83 million euros is guaranteed. This salary underlines his status as a key player and reflects the club's expectations of him.

On a monthly basis, Haller can expect a sum of 486,000 euros, which in one week represents an income of 113,000 euros. The forward earns about 16,000 euros a day.

The football professional in his private life

Shortly after his move from Ajax Amsterdam to Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2022, the 29-year-old forward Testicular cancer noted. After a break in treatment that lasted several months, Haller returned to the green grass.

His wife was always by his side.

Priscilla and Sébastien Haller have been a couple since 2010 and married in 2016. the word yes. His family happiness was crowned with the birth of his daughter Ciara in 2017. The Haller family has now grown to include two children together: daughter Ciara and son Eden. Additionally, a child from Priscilla's previous relationship enriches family life.

BVB's hope despite the defeat against Atlético de Madrid

Even though BVB lost 2-1 against Atlético Madrid on April 10, 2024, there is still hope for the semi-finals Champions League to move in. This is mainly due to Sébastien Haller. His goal in the 81st minute gave BVB a chance that otherwise would not have existed.