It is surprising how many people participated in our “Miele moment”. Thank you very much for that. Of course, we do not want to hide a selection of letters from you: stories that will make you think, laugh and also offer suggestions.

Christian W. with his two “old wives”

“I would never give up my Miele because the current machines no longer have the same quality as before. I bought this one with my first salary in the 90s. It works as always, never had any defects, moved several times.

I restored these two old women. Running 1 A. Okay, any climate glue would stick here since they need a little more energy, but why throw it away? The machines are from the 60s, very heavy and stable. The one on the left was the first model with the revolutionary one-button operation. There is the Miele advertising clip on YouTube (the electric brain!!!!).”

Peter H. on his 34-year-old laundry buddy

My Miele washing machine is 34 years old and has never caused any problems. It works like the first day. Miele, Miele spoke the aunt who knew all the washing machines.

Andrea H. and rescue in times of need

“A few years ago I washed a thick horse blanket. There was a lot of banging on the drum because the ceiling caused an imbalance. I stood with my butt between the washing machine and a table where I was folding clothes.

Suddenly I was trapped. The washing machine came to the table and I played the intermediary… I had to call my husband, who then freed me… It was fun.”

Birgit P.-H. about the deep fall of Miele, which did not even cause a dent

After taking over my parents' house, I took advantage of the 3-foot-high platform my mother had built in the basement for her washer and dryer. My Miele (which was already 10 years old at the time) also found its place in the base, right in front of the oven of the new heating system.

Since I didn't have a dryer, the washing machine was alone up there and a few days later, during the spin cycle, it took the liberty of wandering over the smooth tiled surface, exactly 80 cm exactly along the edge of the base, until which boldly slid 1m into the base. The depth fell… headlong, exactly and cleanly next to the end of the heating system. That's how I found her at night, full of clothes and water and lying face down.

Three neighbor guys they called set up this monstrous part (supposedly a piano was no problem) and put it back on the base and… what can I say… we plugged it back in and it acted like nothing had happened …your spin program continues smoothly and ends correctly. I didn't even have a lump.

I realigned it properly and gave her a head start around her feet to be safe…and she thanked me with another 26 years, repaired and accident-free.

Therefore… For me ONLY Miele…

Jutta G. and the year 1962 with the Kessel Buntes…

“It was 1962, a house of eight people. The kettle was turned on periodically to wash clothes. Inside was a cauldron of colorful things. I (5 years old) wanted to help my mother and worked diligently to stoke the fire and the clothes boiled and the kettle bubbled. Oha… The mother came back and she was horrified. The clothes in the kettle could only be thrown away.

Now he has bought a washing machine. There was no need to heat the boiler and everyone in the house was amazed at what this machine could do. It was a Miele!!! To this day I still buy Miele. Pure happiness to have a new Miele. You don't want to miss out on such fine machines!!!

Why ES, a technically talented pensioner, is happy with his Miele

2 years ago the gasket on the base bowl of my dishwasher, which was about 12 years old, was defective. Replacement for less than €20, but it is still a total financial loss due to labor costs for repairs. Buy new Miele. Then 6 months ago there were problems with the washing machine from the same manufacturer, a special 15-year-old model. After some internet research, the shock absorbers were identified as an issue. It would also have been a total loss. Original spare parts about €100 plus probably €300 repair costs. Homemade with YouTube and nameless spare parts for €30. As a technically talented retiree, it took me 2 hours and as I looked at the inner workings I realized how solid the Miele appliances were.”

Alexander K. with tips and tricks for a long life

I bought my Miele W698 new in 1994 for about 1,000 marks. The washing machine has two rotary switches (one for temperature and one washing program (three built-in programs for different types of clothes)) and four buttons. To date there have been no problems with this machine. Well, in a single-family home I only have to run the washing machine once a week. The finish is, as you could say, solid and stable. The clothes drum is made of stainless steel as are the corresponding bearings. This is no longer a fact today; In many washing machines, the washing drums or even the supports are now made of plastic.

Of course, it is important to use a descaler if you live in an area with hard water.

I also periodically check the lint filter, otherwise there may be unpleasant surprises.

A new Miele would be too expensive for me and I certainly don't need 100 or more washing programs. With the current basic version I'm not sure if everything will still be as solid and stable. Personally, I wouldn't get any real advantage from a new washing machine, because I simply don't need a computer-controlled machine for my purposes. Or one controlled by AI with an Internet connection that “feels” the clothes.

Harald P. found his washing machine among the bulky garbage

“I found a washing machine among the bulky waste. As my father worked at Miele at the time, he quickly discovered the error. There was simply something wrong with the pump. It worked perfectly for another 4 years. I only buy Miele washing machines, they don't cause any problems like the cheap machines from the supermarket. It’s a shame that part of Miele Gütersloh is going to Poland!”