IIn the process of illegal resale of bicycles seized by the Leipzig police, the accused police officer rejected the allegations. The 47-year-old woman explained on Tuesday through her lawyer that she did not keep the money for herself and did not enrich herself personally. The dismissed police chief, as the responsible person in the evidence room at the time, must answer to the Leipzig District Court for theft, bribery and falsification of documents.

The State Prosecutor's Office accuses him of passing on at least 265 bicycles, some of which were of high quality, mostly to police officers, including members of the Riot Police and State Criminal Police Bureau, between August 2014 and November 2018. He is said to have usually received a “donation” of up to 50 euros for this.

Most of the bikes were stolen and later confiscated by the police. The original owners and insurance companies had already settled the cases and were no longer interested in the bikes. They should either be disposed of or given to a non-profit organization.

Possible prison sentence

He recorded all bike deliveries and transferred the donations received to the nonprofit, the statement continued. This approach was always discussed with superiors. The donations came from a small garden club in the Leipzig district, chaired by his father. When asked directly by the court, the 47-year-old woman emphasized that she did not know what happened to the money there.

After legal discussion with all parties involved, the 8th Criminal Division decided to fine the accused if he fully addresses the charges. However, the Attorney General's Office intended to stick with the original charges. They do not deserve a fine, rather a prison sentence.

This sentence is also relevant to the defendant from a formal point of view. If he is sentenced to at least one year in prison, he would automatically be dismissed from his position as a civil servant. According to the chairman, in case of a fine, an administrative decision should be made regarding the employment relationship. The trial was scheduled to continue on April 9.