Madrid/Valladolid (EFE) They have been summarized in 1-minute interventions, since all the popular candidates in Spain have intervened.

Alicia García (Ávila), Cristina Ayala (Burgos), Margarita Torres (León), Alfonso Polanco (Palencia), Carlos García Carbayo (Salamanca), José Mazarías (Segovia), Belén Izquierdo (Soria), Jesús Julio Carnero (Valladolid) and Jesús María Prada (Zamora) have shared the stage at the EDP Theater, where the president of the PP-CyL, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has not been present, but other regional presidents such as Juan Manuel Moreno -Andalusia- and Fernando López Miras -Murcia-.

The leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo (2d), and his general secretary, Cuca Gamarra (d), participate in the filming of an announcement for the elections to the provincial capitals, this Sunday, in the Plaza de España from Madrid. EFE / Marshal

Through a message posted on his Twitter profile, Manueco has shown his support for the candidates: «In the PP we have the best candidates. In Castilla y León we have a great team of prepared, solvent, experienced and very enthusiastic people. All my support and that of the popular people of Castilla y León ».

Some of them with humor, the candidates have dealt with this time restriction of which the organizers of the event have warned through the mayoress of the Llanos de Aridane, Noelia García Leal, with a special role for what they experienced in 2022 with the eruption of the La Palma volcano, who has warned that they were going to play the “59-second game”.

“If someone continues talking 5 seconds later, there are snipers and they will start shooting,” he joked, before giving way to the string of interventions in alphabetical order.

The popular candidate for Mayor of Ávila, Alicia García.EFE/ Mariscal

This has been the intervention of the nine PP candidates in the capitals of Castilla y León:

Alicia García: “Ávila is going to smile again”

The current deputy and candidate of the PP has maintained that, after the last legislature in which the Mayor’s Office has been in the hands of the Por Ávila party, split from the PP, the capital of Avila “is going to smile again.”

«Ávila deserves more for its present and its future. I want to be the first worker at the service of the people of Avila, due to my experience, love and passion, to economically energize a more cohesive city. With clear ideas… », She has summarized.

The popular leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo (c), accompanied by the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida (ci), and the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso (cd), greets supporters. EFE / Marshal

Cristina Ayala: “Burgos, what a good city if it had a good lord”

The senator and popular candidate in Burgos has cited El Cantar del Mío Cid to argue about the city she aspires to govern: “What a good city if it had a good lord”, in reference to the current socialist mayor, Daniel de la Rosa.

Ayala has proposed to offer “the best for Burgos”, in the face of a municipal government that has “squandered” the transformation capacity offered by leading the City Council, with proposals such as the one approved this week in plenary session on the abolition of nuclear weapons, while the city “is dirty”: “It was not the time”, he has maintained.

Margarita Torres (León): “For our grandparents, parents and children”

The Leonese candidate has outlined a series of “personal reasons” for which to face the challenge of recovering the Mayor’s Office, with references to the grandparents, parents and children of her generation.

Torres has detailed that the grandparents taught “the effort to work together” to overcome an “uncivil war” with “values ​​and roots”, while the parents have been thanked for having built “the regime of 78” with its “peace and stability » for this «great country».

“I am a woman and a worker”, she added, convinced that this is not a “privilege of the left”, since she has assured that she has “a son” to whom she wants to offer a Lion with “quality employment”.

Alfonso Polanco (Palencia): “Project and leadership”

The former mayor and new PP candidate in Palencia has indicated that the city has a “hopeful future”, but that to achieve it it is “very important” to take advantage of opportunities with “a project and leadership”.

Without references to the government pact that the Mayor gave to Cs despite having the PP more councilors, Polanco has closed his speech with the desire that Palencia be “not a city to live in, but opportunities.”

Carbayo (Salamanca): “Mañueco helps, Sánchez racanea”

The mayor of Salamanca and candidate for re-election has compared the help given by the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, for the logistical and industrial development of the city, with the attitude of the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, whom he has reproached that he is “racaneando” the communications of the city, in reference to the reduction of railway frequencies.

Carbayo has boasted of political agreements during the pandemic and agreements with universities to generate opportunities for young people.

Mazarías (Segovia): “20 years of socialist incompetence”

The new candidate of the PP in Segovia has remarked in his speech that this city is one of the best in the world, but it has the “problem” that it drags on “20 years” of “socialist incompetence, with excuses and false promises, ineffective, without ideas and aimlessly, anchored in the past».

“Sensibleness and ideas in the face of occurrences,” Mazarías has offered.

Belén Izquierdo: “Soria, land of opportunities”

The new PP candidate in Soria has said that it is “an honor” to top the list and has defended that the capital of Soria is a “land of opportunities.”

He has defended that he presents himself to try to improve the lives of citizens with “illusion, work and commitment.” “At the disposal of Feijoó and the PP, long live Soria”, he finished.

Jesús Julio Carnero: “A united city without fanfare”

The councilor of the Presidency of the Board and new candidate of the PP has defended the need for Valladolid to be “united” and it has been proposed that this “great city” accommodate all citizens and advance “without fanfare.”

He has cited Miguel Delibes, in his work “The disputed vote of Mr. Cayo”, to ask voters to exercise that right “without fear and in conscience”, for which he has offered a PP marked by “humility, loyalty , frankness and work».

Jesús María Prada: “May Zamora recover his illusion”

The new candidate of the PP in Zamora, where the only mayor of the United Left governs in a provincial capital of Spain, has recognized that “the challenge is complicated”, but has proposed to take advantage of the “exciting months” remaining for the elections so that “Zamora recovers his illusion”.

Prada has offered itself as the “motor” of a “fight” against the “apathy and resignation” that it observes in the City Council. EFE

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