After the 3-0 defeat against Leverkusen, coach Thomas Tuchel is criticized again. Nagelsmann had to leave a year ago after a defeat against Leverkusen. But Bayern coach Dreesen does not want to know anything about a new coaching change.

Almost a year ago, Bayern suffered a 2-1 defeat against Bayer Leverkusen. This bankruptcy cost Julian Nagelsmann his job. Those in charge in Munich pulled the rope at that time and hired Thomas Tuchel as the new coach.

Is the 50-year-old now threatened by the same scenario? The pressure on the FCB-The coach has improved a lot after yesterday's 3-0 defeat against the Werkself. More and more FCB fans are calling for his expulsion.

Tuchel continues to receive all the support

On Säbener Straße they want to nip the growing debate about coaches in the bud. Club boss Jan-Christian Dreesen made it clear immediately after the game in Leverkusen that Tuchel was not available. According to Dreesen, the Munich coach still has the full support of his boss: “Nothing will change,” Dreesen emphasized.

Bayern's general director stressed that the defeat was “deserved.” But the championship at Isar is not ruled out: “We will not give up. There are still 13 matchdays left. We have to be there if Leverkusen makes a mistake.”

Dreesen also made it clear that Bayern had no time to cry and referred to the upcoming Champions League match against Lazio in three days: “We knew it would be a difficult game. But now we have to look forward. “On Wednesday against Lazio we have the next opportunity to forget the game.”

Kimmich: “The coach adapted us well”

Not only Dreesen clearly supported Tuchel, the FCB professionals also defended their coach.

Joshua Kimmich explained, among other things, that Tuchel's tactical changes were not the decisive factor in the defeat: “The coach adjusted us well. “Each of us should be able to play with a different system from time to time.”

Thomas Müller also criticized the players after their disastrous performance: “If it happens in training and not in the game, then we have to attack the players, so that we don't have to go against the coach.”

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By Vjekoslav Keskic