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While some see the agreement very close and ask not to throw what has been achieved on deaf ears, others speak of a precipice and only hope for a miracle.

Tomorrow all the parties, both the six groups in favor of the reform -PSOE, Unidas Podemos, ERC, Junts, PNV and EH Bildu- as well as those against -PP, Vox and Ciudadanos- are summoned to a new session of the presentation, the fourth held since work resumed in December after being postponed in March of last year due to lack of agreement.

Parliamentary sources explain to EFE that Tuesday’s meeting will be held from 9:30 a.m., before the start at noon of an extraordinary plenary session for the validation of another package of anti-crisis measures and it will foreseeably be the last meeting.

If the report of the presentation is approved with the agreements that exist on the proposed law that the PNV promoted in 2021 -only a simple majority is necessary, it would go to the Interior Commission and later the opinion to the plenary session, something that would happen from February when parliamentary activity resumes.

Concentration for the reform of the gag law.
Concentration for the reform of the gag law. EFE/Luca Piergiovanni

Now, the question is whether the opinion will go ahead and if, if it is supported, how the rule will finally be, since the six parties that advocate the reform have not managed to reach any agreement on the most sensitive points or since its processing began or in the nearly 40 meetings that have been held since last March.

No news in riot gear, disobedience or returns

From the beginning, the disagreement is in four key articles: the prohibition of rubber balls as riot material regulated in article 23, a “cool” precept for ERC, Junts and EH Bildu, while both socialist sources and the Ministry of Interior consider a “red line” that cannot be touched.

Other unclosed cracks affect hot returns, which “sneaked” into the current law, in 2015, as an additional provision; the crimes of disobedience and resistance to authority contemplated in article 36.6, the most used to fine those who bypassed the restrictions due to the state of alarm during the pandemic and, finally, disrespect for authority regulated in the 37.4.

PSOE, Unidas Podemos and PNV defend the changes

Sources consulted in the six parties agree that there is no agreement on these points, although some are optimistic that they can be achieved or that the reform will go ahead, as is the case of Unidas Podemos, which recalls that only a 2 % of text.

In this line, socialist sources tell EFE that they continue to work to bring positions closer together and to move forward with the reform, but they make it very clear that the changes cannot lead to a decrease in the protection of the security forces.

They emphasize that they have managed to correct articles such as the mere recording and dissemination of images of the security forces that in 2020 the Constitutional Court did not endorse. “It would be a shame to undo these advances,” they point out.

A concentration for the reform of the gag law.
A concentration for the reform of the gag law. EFE/Luca Piergiovanni

He agrees with the parties of the government coalition – the reform of the gag law is included in his pact – the PNV, for whom, despite the discrepancies, there is sufficient basis to approve the text and “substantially” improve the current norm.

“Each group will have to reflect and decide if, despite all the improvements and all the advances, they consider it a better option not to change anything,” say sources from the nationalist party.

Reform at risk that requires support by an absolute majority

EH Bildu, ERC and Junts do not think so at the moment. Although they acknowledge that there have been important agreements in recent presentations, such as the reduction of fines or their proportionality, they warn that the “most harmful” articles for citizens have not been touched.

His position with respect to rubber balls is, for the moment, immovable. A Catalan deputy defends that this material is prohibited in Catalonia and, therefore, the Police and the Civil Guard must also limit its use in this community.

Some parliamentarians consulted point to EFE that, as the positions are and if there are no major news, the new gag law “is headed to the precipice.”

“With the changes that are agreed to in the law, we are not here to vote yes,” comments a member of the presentation, while another deputy laments that the most relevant points are blocked as they were at the beginning, so the optimism of PSOE and United We Can “only seeks to pressure.”

And he warns: as it is an organic law, the opinion of the paper must be supported in plenary session of Congress by an absolute majority, that is, 176 votes, which makes the support of the investiture bloc necessary for the Executive.

Others do not give everything up for lost and acknowledge that the last two telematic meetings last week have made it possible to iron out some points -none of the essential ones- related to the responsibility of the organizers in uncommunicated demonstrations or to police controls by the Civil Guard o National Police in Catalonia or the Basque Country, which have their autonomous bodies.

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