EA 48-year-old woman has reportedly been violently killed in Spain, believed to be by her sons. The two are 13 and 15 years old. The police have taken them into custody, as the media consistently reports.

The mangled body of a woman was discovered in the trunk of a vehicle in Castro Urdiales, in the northern Cantabria region of the country, on Wednesday evening, the responsible authorities said.

At least one of the two sons is considered a suspect, the other is younger than 14 and therefore cannot be prosecuted, said Eugenia Gómez de Diego, representative of Spain's Interior Ministry in Cantabria, in an interview with radio station Cope on Thursday. . The youth prosecutor's office decides how to proceed in both cases.

The incident caused a stir in Spain and even replaced the ongoing farmers' protests in the media on Thursday. The two sons are 13 and 15 years old, state television RTVE and other media reported, citing investigators. They were initially reported missing on Thursday evening and were later found in a park and taken into custody.

The newspaper “El Mundo” wrote: “The body had several wounds and the head was covered with a garbage bag.” The exact circumstances of the woman's death and the discovery of the body were initially unknown. According to El País, the father was working the night shift at the factory when the crime was committed.