Despite his long-standing presence, only the most die-hard Let's Dance enthusiasts remember Patrick Linke's name: the 53-year-old has been the studio's spokesperson since the dance show premiered on RTL years ago.

His duties include introducing the dance couples and collecting the judges' ratings after each performance. Despite playing a major role in the show, Patrick Linke usually stays out of the spotlight – until now.

The “Let's Dance” speaker quickly confuses the candidates

On Friday's (April 5) show, it was a different matter: here the speaker made an unusual mistake – which meant that, at least for a moment, he drew all the attention to himself.

What happened? Of course, this edition also opened with a grand opening. All the participants who are still in the race for the crown and the corresponding dance professionals next to them were introduced. Each time a couple appeared on stage, Patrick Linke announced their names.

Suddenly, fitness influencer Sophia Thiel (29) and Alexandru Ionel (29) could be seen. But the speaker quickly announced the two as “Lulu Lewe and Massimo Sinató.” Shortly after, Lulu Lewe (32) and Massimo Sinató (43) actually showed up and were also introduced by their real names. Although this duo was nominated twice, Sophia Thiel and Alexandru Ionel had to withdraw from the announcement.

The moderator duo also noticed a small glitch. Welcome Daniel Hartwich pointed out the error: “We are more than happy that you (viewers, editor's note) found us here in the studio. (…) Our Patrick is so excited that he immediately confused Lulu and Sophia.” He continued jokingly: “He saw Lulu twice!” The moderator also defended his RTL colleague: After all, it was “the first mistake in seventeen seasons ” “Let's Dance”.

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