There is an unwritten law in nature that implies that in a donated sector, you only have to take into account a certain name of individual that makes up a population, that is in a lake or in a forest. C’est ce que l’on appelle la capacité de support du milieu.

Les biologists ont toujours mis de l’avant cette notion dans leurs travaux au fil du temps. Sometimes, decision making that may be difficult for certain people to understand, but that, au fond, provides as much service to the natural environment as the population of animals that are in this territory.

Today, we know that the government has authorization to present a certain name of Virginie cerfs in two national parks. According to experts, the ideal density for everything to pass well, as well as for the average for the cerfs, is five beasts in the kilometer traveled. This is the optimal situation.

According to the last inventory last winter, in the national park of the Boucherville Islands, there are 436 cerfs, which represents an increase of 42% of the population according to the report of the last inventory carried out two more years. This density represents more space than it can support the territory.

In the Mont Saint-Bruno national park, the last winter inventory indicates that there are 353 inhabitants on the site, an increase of 119% in relation to the last inventory, two and more. The name of the betes represents five more kilometers than the territory that supports it.

If she relies on the work of pig reproduction, the woman can achieve, from her annual release, three young, these populations will explode. Natural environments can never simply support a population for a long time, especially in terms of nutrition.


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Hivers cléments et examples

After so many years, winters are colder in Quebec. This situation greatly benefits the cerf population that exploits a small part of the territory. The division by region is not uniform, which expresses that hunters in certain areas are in balance when others must take measures to limit the pélèvement.

However, globally, currently, the Virginie cerf population is very high in Quebec with more than 250,000 individuals, excluant l’île d’Anticosti.

The phenomenon of subrouting a déjà été vécu ailleurs, pour d’otres espèces que le cerf. For example, in the Matane wildlife reserve, the original population has increased at a time when these beasts are on the path of destruction of their livelihoods. The measures taken to increase the forecast, which makes the situation normal, are income.

competition trope

On peut also examine the situation of the caribou coast of the Great Northern Québécois. Specialists estimate that there are one million caribou in the territory, in addition to individuals from different groups.

Quickly, it is known that the caribous étaient plus petits, plus maigres et devaient travel longer distances to feed. The milieu n’arrivait plus à satisfaire à la demande d’une telle population. Disease and famine are setting in, involving a draconian battle between the population of different groups.

On the island of Anticosti, the population of around 160,000 beasts at any given time. Ils étaient plus petits et plus maigres, parce que su nombre était trop elevé par rapport à la capacity de support du milieu naturall. A winter rigoureux est venu faucher plus 40 000 cerfs. It is not possible to simply pass on the strength of resistance in the long run and to the rigor of this difficult winter.

On peut appliquer le même modelèle à sures lacs de pêche où l’on ne capture que de la petite truite qui a plusieurs années. The reason is simple: il ya trop de compétition pour la nutriture avaible, ce qui les empêche de grossir.


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