YoSomehow Jonathan Tah intuitively knew in this 90th minute what was coming when he recognized the open space and knew Florian Wirtz had the ball at his feet, that has worked so many times with late game-winning goals. Bayer Leverkusen. This was followed by a perfect cross and a header that made emotions explode. “I really wanted to have the ball, Flo was exceptional, it was great to be able to put it in like that,” said Tah, who also seemed to shine an hour after the game.

It was a fitting end to an exciting football match., which with this goal won Bayer Leverkusen 3-2 and thus reached the cup semi-finals. Instead of combining a goal in a complex way, as in other phases of this season, the Bundesliga leader scored again with slightly different qualities: with willpower and at the same time with a clear mind, with brilliance in the small moments and driven by great emotions. “Sometimes we win with control, with structure and stability,” Trainer said. Xabi Alonsobut “today we won with heart and soul, it is very important to have that too.”