With the end of the additional cost privilege, households with cable television can freely choose their reception method. That's a good thing, but you have to actively sign a new contract to do it. Vodafone is now taking action against the detractors and has already blocked the first television connections.

Millions of households in Germany are affected by the end of the additional cost privilege. Cable TV connection costs can no longer be billed as additional costs. This opens up many new possibilities, which must also be considered in order to bring an alternative to television to the market.

Many households find it a good idea to use cable TV without a contract starting in July. In many cases, a closure is technically complex. Cable network operators also did not want to examine technical blocking options until they had previously informed their customers. Vodafone has now announced that it is already blocking the first cable connections.

Almost one in three households in Germany must have made a decision by July at the latest, but many homeowners have already made the change or will do so at the beginning of April, May or June. Therefore, tenants should check if they are affected and take care of their TV supply.

Vodafone makes it clear to CHIP.de: If you want to continue watching cable television, you must sign a contract with your cable network operator; in most cases it is Vodafone. Otherwise there is a risk of a black screen appearing.

Vodafone blocks cable television in the first cities

In Karlsruhe, Vodafone followed through on this threat and blocked tenants' cable connections in several apartment buildings. Because if there is no contract between the tenant and Vodafone regarding the reception of cable television in already converted residential buildings, it is an unauthorized use. Cable connections are disconnected by technicians on site, for example in basement home distributors.

However, it is not necessary to block the television connection. Suppliers and also landlords have been informing affected tenants for some time. Now it's the tenants' turn. If you want to continue watching linear television, you have to think about something. There are free offers for casual users.

Other options are:

  • About cable connection: If you have been watching cable television and are happy with it, it is best to continue doing so. You will then need to conclude a contract directly with the cable provider, for example Vodafone.
  • Television broadcast: Television is also possible through streaming and services such as Sky, Waipu or Zattoo are expected by many people who skip cable. You can usually try TV streamers for free for a short period of time. Try if this is an alternative for you.
  • Satellite reception or home antenna: Although it is not possible for many tenants to have their own satellite dish, classic alternatives to cable are in principle also imaginable. It is easier than satellite to try antenna television.