bDuring a raid on a cash vault in Sylmar, Los Angeles, Southern California, unknown persons stole an estimated $30 million. They allegedly entered security firm GardaWorld's building in the business district undetected over the Easter weekend, it emerged on Thursday.

According to the preliminary investigation, the American Federal Police (FBI) and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) assume that the criminals entered the building through a flat roof. LAPD spokeswoman Elaine Morales said no alarms were sounded during the raid. In addition, unknown persons were able to open the safe without being noticed.

The company's branch office, located about 40 kilometers north of downtown Los Angeles, allegedly held company earnings during the holidays that had previously been picked up by cash trucks.

Videos from various American news channels on Thursday showed a hole about two meters high in the outer wall of the building through which the criminals could have got out. Residents also reported disruptions in internet connection on Sunday. “The alarm is constantly checked. “It's a real shock that the criminals were able to disable the security system and get away with the money,” a GardaWorld employee told NBC.

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The heist, which the LAPD says is one of the most sensational and expensive in the city's history, reminded many Californians of the summer of 2022. At that time, unknown persons stole up to 150 million dollars worth of gold and gems while on vacation. A jewel car was accessed at a stop on I-5 north of Los Angeles. The perpetrators have not been found to this day.