ZAt the end of the fifth season, the sky clouds over on Ash Wednesday. The German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach predicted mainly clouds, rain and “exceptionally mild” temperatures for the next few days.

DWD expects thick cloud cover over a large area on Wednesday. The rain moves across the country from west to east, but the south stays rather dry and the sun shines at times. Maximum temperatures are 6 to 10 degrees in the east, up to 15 degrees are possible in the southwest.

On Thursday night it will clear from the Eifel to Chiemgau and remain mostly dry. It remains frost-free, the cold is 11 to 5 degrees, in the south it is 5 to 1 degrees. “The influx of warm air will peak on Thursday,” explained meteorologist Marcel Schmid from DWD. Temperatures of up to 18 degrees on the Rhine and Neckar “make you feel like spring instead of late winter”.

In the north it rains again and again with dense clouds, in the south it stays mostly rainless and with little sun. On Friday night, the weather will remain cloudy in the north, with occasional showers. Otherwise, the weather will be changeable cloudy and with a few showers, and south of the Danube the weather will remain predominantly rainless. The air temperature will drop to 10 to 5 degrees, south of the Danube to 5 to 1 degrees.

“Friday is a normal day,” Schmid said. In the east and southeast, dry and sometimes sunny weather will last longer. During the day, it often rains all over the country, but the temperature is between 11 and 17 degrees. On Saturday night, there will be a lot of clouds and some showers. It is warm from 8 to 3 degrees.