Campino as visiting professor at Heinrich Heine University: “I am a craftsman who tries his hand at the same table as an artist”
Image: dpa

Campino still made it to university: he gives two guest lectures at Düsseldorf's Heinrich Heine University – and bows to other authors. But the punk rocker is also moved by his own lyrics.

Campino is used to big and loud performances on stages around the world. “I'm someone who dives into the euphoria of the moment, and at concerts I'm in the middle of it, not just standing on the side,” the punk rocker once said about himself. “I always stand near the train station to jump on the train of life.” But in front of an audience of 600 in the largest lecture hall at Düsseldorf's Heinrich Heine University (HHU) on Tuesday, he seemed a little nervous, the presenter said. punk band Die Toten Pants. It starts in home and still unknown territory: with his opening lecture on the topic “Kästner, Kraftwerk, Cock Sparrer. A declaration of love for everyday poetry.

Since 1991, HHU has awarded the Heinrich Heine Visiting Professorship three years prior to its naming. The first visiting professor was Marcel Reich-Ranicki, followed by Helmut Schmidt, Wolf Biermann, Joschka Fischer and Juli Zeh, and finally Klaus Maria Brandauer. But interest in a visiting professor has never been greater than in Campino. 30,000 people applied for the “Professor Punk” lecture hall by lottery.

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