Thomas Kemmerich after his speech at the state party conference of the FDP Thuringia
Image: dpa

The FDP in Thuringia continues to rely on the man who plunged the party into a deep crisis four years ago. She prefers to have nothing to do with the federal party.

EIt was a “yes” that suddenly made him known nationwide. He plunged his state into a government crisis and his party into a poll hole. It was a good four years ago that the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich was elected Prime Minister in the Thuringian state parliament on February 5, 2020 with the votes of the AfD. And after a few seconds when asked if he accepted the election, he answered “Yes”.

Kemmerich announced his withdrawal the next day, and two more days later he officially resigned. He only remained in office for a month until his successor Bodo Ramelow from the Left was elected. The behavior of the short-term Prime Minister had fatal consequences for the FDP.