METERSometimes things change quickly in those places where things are a little calmer – some say more sensible – in Bundesliga narratives.

On matchday 22, Thomas Letsch and everyone from Bochum celebrated the 3-2 victory. about him FC Bayern in heaven, now the 28th game has been completed, and the 55-year-old Swabian has been put on leave. For a club like VfL, which likes to present itself as comparatively independent from the dynamics of modern commercial football, this process damages its image, at the very least.

The decision seems hasty. After all, VfL is three points clear of 16th place in the standings after 28 rounds. At the beginning of the season, everyone involved probably would have said: Great! The template doesn't offer much else.

Seemingly down to earth

and without that 100 seconds last Saturday in CologneIf two FC goals in added time reduced the virtual lead in 17th place from ten to four points, Letsch would probably remain in office at VfL. “They no longer have the conviction of being able to succeed in the current constellation,” was the dry explanation of sporting director Patrick Fabian.

The only coherent reason for an understandable separation would be serious conflicts with the team. There doesn't seem to be any. Because on Sunday, when asked if the team supported Letsch, captain Losilla responded: “Of course!”

The main responsibility for the series with only one point in six games falls on the professionals. This gives the breakup the appearance of a panic attack. Especially since the club renewed Letsch's contract in November, when the Bochum team was no better in the table than on Monday.

Despite all the considerations about Stefan Kuntz and Urs Fischer, the favorite to succeed him is Peter Stöger. The new coach will arrive at a club that supposedly practices “Castrop street football” with its feet on the ground. What happens is that a coach does not receive more support than in other clubs.


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