Demonstration in Herford in North Rhine-Westphalia.
Image: dpa

In Itzehoe, in Rostock, in Sinsheim and other places: The demonstrations against right-wing extremism, the AfD and for democracy continue on Saturday.

bThousands of people across the country have once again taken to the streets against right-wing extremists and for an open society. According to police reports, up to 4,000 people demonstrated peacefully in Itzehoe in Schlesweig-Holstein on Saturday. According to the police, 3,200 demonstrators came together in Rostock under the motto “Never again is now”; the organizers spoke of more than 5,000. According to police reports, there were around 2,000 in Werne in North Rhine-Westphalia, and around 1,200 in Fröndenberg in the Unna district.

“Sinsheim is colorful!” was the motto under which, according to a police spokesman, around 1,500 people gathered in the Baden-Württemberg city. In Gotha, Thuringia, it was said “Never again is now” – a representative of the “Gotha is colorful” alliance spoke of at least 1,100 participants, the police estimated the number at around 1,000. There were also various rallies with several hundred participants, for example in Timmendorfer Strand, in Herford or in Ennepetal.

The wave of protests has been going on for around a month now. In Berlin, for example, according to police reports, more than 150,000 people gathered in front of the Reichstag building last week. The trigger was revelations by the media company Correctiv about a meeting of radical right-wingers in Potsdam in November, in which AfD politicians and individual members of the CDU and the Values ​​Union also took part.