“We were at the beach with mom today and three years ago, right before her stroke.” This is how Mareile Höppner starts her Instagram post, showing two pictures with her mother. What is clear is that in picture number two, her mother is beaming into the camera.

Three years ago, the presenter's mother suffered a severe stroke. In an interview with Berliner Kurier in 2023, the 46-year-old woman spoke about the consequences of the disease, her mother has been in a wheelchair ever since. The intensive time and care consumed a lot of energy for the journalist, but he also drew positive things from the experience: “It gave me a completely new closeness with my mother. We were always close, but now things are very different.

Mareile's mother still goes to the seaside

With his Instagram post, he not only wants to thank his mother, but also draw attention to his strengths. Because even though times were and are hard, the two women don't let it get them down and despite being in a wheelchair, they continue to “go to the sea and eat fish.” For Mareile Höppner, her mother is “brave and strong,” a woman who “still believes in good after a stroke.”

“No one thought then that he would get so much back”

Her mother fought her way back to life, which makes the presenter proud. “I have always admired my mother for her courage and strength, today I do so even more. Nobody thought at the time that she would get back so much.” Today, mother and daughter can discuss politics again, “even if she is often at a loss for words today. The former teacher also has cooking tips for her child. For Mare, the time spent with her mother is a gift: “I am very grateful right now!”

The original article “This is how Mareile Höppner's mother is doing today” comes from the website BUNTE.de.