TikToker Erin McGoff told her 2.8 million followers how to ace a job interview. You should try to “look very sexy.”

How to convince human resources managers of your value as an employee? According to TikToker Erin McGoff, the most important step is to look as attractive as possible. “She looks really sexy!” says McGoff, who has 2.8 million subscribers, in one video. “It looks very sexy!” That's her best advice for job interviews.

After all, the reflex to classify good-looking people as more intelligent, trustworthy, and competent is deeply ingrained in every person. Not just HR professionals, but “all of us” are guilty of this error in thinking.

Psychological studies support McGoff's statements.

As Business Insider reports, in 2021, studies by researchers at the University at Buffalo showed that attractive people are “more likely to be hired, receive better reviews, and receive a higher salary” than less attractive people.

To arrive at these results, the researchers evaluated 300 video interviews between recruiters and applicants. They speculated that beautiful people's greater self-confidence caused the effect.

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