Jacqueline Morris took to TikTok to share her theory as to why capable people in lower positions will never move up the corporate ladder. She doesn't seem to be the only one who thinks the same, because she finds a lot of support in the comments.

Morris explains: If you are good at your job, have a good personality, and generally get along with people, you will never get a promotion.

“They know they can continue serving you shit on a plate”

According to her, the people in the boardroom don't have to be good at their jobs nor do they have to be a pleasure to work with. A department head, however, would only have to be one of the two. “But when you're down here, where the real work is done, (…) they'll never let an employee come up who is good at the job and good at keeping a smile on her face while he does the work. that staircase.”

The reason for this, according to Morris, is this: “They know they can keep serving you shit on a plate and you'll eat it with a smile on your face.”

The video has already been viewed millions of times. One person wrote in agreement: “Yes! I tried really hard to be a less good employee because these are the people who are rewarded.” Others write: “You're not wrong! Unfortunately” or “I believe that too and it already happened to me.”

On Reddit, human resources (HR) experts have revealed details that make them immediately reject a candidate in a job interview. Among other topics, the topic of smell was discussed. “If someone sucks on the other side of the table, to me it's an instant 'no,'” said one human resources professional.

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