The federal president of the Young Liberals, Franziska Brandmann, considers that maintaining the debt brake is a condition for the FDP to remain in the traffic light coalition.

Asked if she would advise her party to remain in the coalition, the 29-year-old said: “We need economic change while maintaining the debt brake. “I'm just in favor of staying at the traffic light if possible in the upcoming budget negotiations.”

There are already many problems with the debt brake

In the FOCUS debate with Brandmann, Green Youth co-president Svenja Appuhn harshly criticized this attitude: The austerity course proposed by Brandmann would be “a ruinous program” for Germany. “No green party nor any social democratic party should support this,” Appuhn, 26, appealed.

If the debt brake is respected, the traffic light “will no longer be a viable political project,” says the Juventud Verde co-spokesperson. “Then they can consider themselves a regression coalition,” she says. A failed welfare state is a security risk for Germany because Russia and other dictatorships would try to divide our democracy from within.

Brandmann responds: “If the SPD and the Greens, with 370 billion euros of tax revenue from the federal government, fail to implement appropriate policies without incurring new debt, these two parties will have to leave the government. The upcoming budget negotiations will decide that.”

It is already clear that the biggest traffic light dispute is yet to come

This already shows that the biggest controversy regarding traffic lights is yet to come. The existence of the coalition beyond the summer will probably depend mainly on the issue of the debt brake.