Last night the Kansas City Chiefs won their fourth Super Bowl title. They defeated the San Francisco 49ers in a dramatic overtime game 25-22 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. For superstars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce it was the third championship of their careers.

Secret NFL-NBA Connection: Is Kelce Really Valanciunas or Vice Versa?

Yesterday's win had people wondering once again if there is a secret connection between the NFL and the NBA, as Kelce and New Orleans Pelicans center Jonas Valanciunas look so similar they could be twins, if not the same person.

They are both about the same age, weigh around 260 pounds, and are very tall (true, Valanciunas is a few inches taller than Kelce, but what the heck…). Most of them also have similar facial features, such as a beard, nose, eyes, and smile. The resemblance is so striking that many fans and media have already noticed and commented on it.

“Extremely unpleasant”: Kelce finds the resemblance frightening

For example, in 2017, a fan tweeted at Kelce asking if he would look exactly like Valanciunas if he shaved his head. Kelce responded that he was “a little scary” and that he would dominate the NBA if he was six feet tall. Another fan posted a photo showing the two players side by side, which Kelce found “extremely awkward.”

After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2020, many Torontonians congratulated Valanciunas On twitter and joked that he was Kelce's alter ego. Some even suggested that Valanciunas should play backup tight end with the Chiefs or that Kelce should play backup center with the Raptors.

The two players have never met in person, but seem aware of their status as doubles. In 2019, Valanciunas posted a photo of himself wearing a Chiefs cap. instagram with the caption “Travis Kelce is my brother from another mother.” Kelce liked the post and commented “My boy!!”.

Then last night, after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Valanciunas' Pelicans teammates wildly celebrated their center as a Super Bowl winner.