Troy Sivan is preparing to release his next single album in a few days, following on the heels of his popularity with “Rushing.” This new track is called “Got Me Started” and fans can now expect to hear it on September 20th.

Sivan captioned a photo of himself jumping in the air on social media with the phrase “FREEDOM.” LUST. LOVE. FINALLY!” Even though it’s not a lyric from the upcoming album, it fits the carefree energy very well.

And fans are extremely eager to know what happens next. “Oh Troye is coming for another service”, a user wrote.

“Another song of the year,” another fan wrote. Meanwhile, more and more users in quotes appreciated the fact that it would fall on their birthday.

Leland, who also wrote on the song, shared the news on Twitter, noting, “This is one of my favorites that we wrote together.” full pop star fashion.

Based on a YouTube countdown currently happening at noon ET on September 20, there will also be a music video from Sivan. The preview image shows the pop star wearing a green shirt and surrounded by similarly colored neon lights, giving a possible dance aesthetic to match the song.

Sivan’s new album, Something to give to yourselfwill be released in full on October 13.

Check out Troye Sivan’s announcement for his single “Got Me Started” above.

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